Britten V1000 in New Zealand

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In 2008 my wife and I were on a cruise around New Zealand and Australia and one of the ports of call was Christchurch.

We visited the Canterbury Museum and I was thrilled to see the gold plated Jawa 500 Triple Crown Special speedway bike that the famous Ivan Mauger rode.

On our way back to the city centre I got talking with the tram driver who was also a biker, he told me about the Britten offices which were not far from the now earthquake devastated cathedral.

When I told him that I would love to visit he kindly stopped his tram at the end of the street where this office was located.

On going inside we were greeted by a charming lady who took us through to see the V1000. Naturally I was drooling all over the incredible machine.

I was even more delighted when the lady offered me to sit on the Britten and she took my photograph.

Adam Child's article and video were spot on in, this is a truly magnificent creation years ahead of its time.

Although we visited many places on that cruise the most memorable thing I did was to see and sit on that machine. 

I am now 68, a lifelong biker, enthusiast and buyer of MCN, I no longer have a bike but I cannot bring myself to part with my leathers, boots and lid.

The wife says that I am too old, too fat and too slow to have a bike now. She is wrong I am not too slow!

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Keith Richardson

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By Keith Richardson