Cycle lane cameras

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London’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan has announced plans to set up CCTV cameras at cycle boxes and lanes to catch motorists entering them illegally.

It is illegal for motorists to enter the Advanced Stop Lines, punishable by a £60 fine and three points. However, it can only be enforced by a police officer physically present at the time of the offence.

Mr Gilligan plans on decriminalising it and transferring responsibility from the police to Transport for London, who will use CCTV to catch, and immediately fine motorcyclists and car drivers.

Transport for London hopes cyclists will be better protected against motorists, giving them a head start in traffic. Mr Gilligan said:  “Compliance with bus lanes has gone up dramatically. Motorists avoid them even when they don’t have to. We want to do exactly the same [with cycle boxes and lanes].”