Andy Davidson

Andy Davidson worked on MCN for more than six years, creating news and features articles. He got into motorcycling at a young age and has been travelling on two wheels since the age of 17.

He rode a Kawasaki ZX-9R to Albania at just 19 years old and a Yamaha XT660R to Iraq at 23. He has also ridden in Asia, America, Canada Europe and the Middle East.

After leaving MCN in 2018, Andy embarked on epic around-the-world motorcycling mission on the tried and tested XT660R as well as a Honda CRF300L.

Over the last five years, despite a Covid-induced pause, Andy and his partner Alissa have covered more than 80,000 miles and visited more than 34 countries.

As well as telling amazing tales about his global mega-adventure on his own website, he continues to write awe-inspiring stories for MCN. The journey continues….

Andy Davidson

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