Electric coast to coast record set

Published: 19 June 2013

American firm Moto-Electra has set a coast-to-coast world record for electric vehicles. The team rode 2500-miles on the trans-continental run, crossing the USA in three and a half days using the same battery.

The 84.5 hour feat was completed by riding 24 hours a day, stopping every two hours in order to charge the battery for one hour. Built around a 1950's Norton featherbed frame, the bike ran between 100-120 miles and stopped 25 times. Brian Richardson builder and Moto Electra team manager said: “We could have reached 200 miles if we had the luxury of a longer charge time.”

The bike was accompanied by a chase vehicle with a generator attached, acting as a charging station. “We hope to demonstrate what would be necessary in order to establish the first interstate electric highway to cross the country.  We estimate about 25 to 30 stations would be needed based on existing battery technology,” said Richardson.

The Moto-Electra has a top speed of 130mph and a range of 80 miles in race mode and 160 in economy.