Would Jorge’s HJC be a UK hit?

Published: 20 June 2013

You may have noticed that MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo had some company on the top step of the podium after last weekend’s Catalunya GP. Big-hearted Jorge took Spanish artist Anna Vives with him when he collected his race-winner’s trophy, because she designed his one-off helmet paintscheme.

Vives, a Downs Syndrome sufferer who has found an outlet through art and has become well known in Spain, designed the ‘Graffiti’ design for the factory Yamaha rider’s HJC helmet.

After the race Lorenzo put the helmet up for auction on Spanish eBay, with the proceeds going to Vives’ charity, and bidding exceeded 21,000 Euros with a week left of the auction.

Now the UK importer for HJC has been offered the opportunity to bring in a limited run of Graffiti replicas for sale in this country, on the firm’s RPHA10 Plus model, which costs £429.99 in the standard Lorenzo replica design.

To gauge public reaction, it has asked MCN to ask our readership whether the helmet would be popular. So give your opinion here.

The importer has also put one Graffiti replica RPHA10 Plus model up as a competition prize. You can enter the competition here.