Insurance Tips: Get the best insurance deal

Obviously choosing an older, less valuable and slower motorcycle will mean paying less to insurer it. But according to MCE Insurance, one of the brokers available through MCN Compare, there are other ways to save.

  • Get training. Completing an advanced riding course will often qualify you for an insurance discount.


  • Get a multi-bike policy. If you’re buying a second bike, don’t just get the cheapest quote for that machine. Shop around for the best multi-bike policy for both. Adding a second bike to an existing policy can cost as little as 25% extra.


  • Keep the same bike. Insurance comes down if you’ve owned the same machine for a number of years.


  • Do you commute? If you don’t, it’s probably worth telling your insurer to exclude commuting from your cover. It’s likely to save you money.


  • Do you carry a pillion? If not, you could be paying for pillion cover when you don’t need it. Tell your insurer – unless you like the freedom to carry a passenger should you choose to.  


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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff