Sensible to mental for less than £100

My current bike is a 2004 Kawasaki Z1000, which I moved to from an Aprilia RSV-R. 

The big Zed is great, but it’S no sports bike. Before long I found myself bored and wanting something a bit more…. Superduke ish. More Mental. But Superdukes are still about 5k for a good one, and I can’t afford that.

I used my noggin and for £100 I have transformed my bike from humdrum to basket case (without the 150mph speeds).

I simply went on eBay, ordered a front sprocket two teeth smaller, a rear sprocket two teeth bigger and a rear suspension riser kit.

They’ve turned my boring big Zed into a giant motocross bike! It turns in so quick and has so much more punch out of corners. In straight lines it is out accelerating my mate’s 07 R1! It’s like an inline four Superduke.

It’s the most fun I’ve had on a bike for years and all for just £100. Best £100 I’ve spent on a bike.


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By IsraelsRSV