Potholes voted top hazard for bikers

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Rubbish roads, stop-start traffic or selfish car drivers? What annoys you most about Britain’s roads? Back in April, MCN Compare conducted a quick survey to find out.

The candidates for all the things that really grind bikers’ gears included lethal potholes, heavy traffic, speed cameras, red-light jumpers and drivers who just can’t get off their mobile phones.

Unsurprisingly, potholes came top of the list, not only due to the dangers they present, but also the rising cost of road tax, which many of you feel is unduly high and disproportionate to that of car users.

Our straw poll only listed a few of the irritants bikers face on a regular basis. Later additions to the list included tractors, cyclists, lorries, confusing bus lanes, and petrol stations that make you remove your helmet.

Many of you were also infuriated by the state of the roads and the lack of consideration from other drivers including farmers, taxis, cyclists or car owners.

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What annoys you most in 2014?
Potholes – 36%
Volume of traffic – 16%
Speed cameras – 13%
Mobile phone using car drivers – 29%
Creepers at junctions – 6%