Young riders face new derestriction hurdle

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The days of restricting a bike to meet licensing regulations and then immediately desrestricting it again could be numbered.

The company responsible for the largest number of restrictor kits in the UK have released an anti-tamper device so it will be very obvious if the restrictor has been removed.

Alpha Technik restrictor kits can be fitted to more powerful bikes to bring them in line with the 46.6bhp limit that applies to A2 licence holders.

Kits are also still available for riders who passed the old lightweight riding test and are still within the two-year period where they’re limited to 33bhp.

The restrictors fit to a bike’s fuel injection system and the anti-tamper device involves a wire that’s wrapped around the injection body, with a branded and numbered Alpha Technik plate and bung attached.

Remove the restrictor and the highly visible wire and plate will also be removed. It will make it easier for police to check a bike is restricted in line with the rider’s licence.

Fred Thomas, e-Commerce manager for the company which owns Alpha Technic importer Fi International, said: “Our anti-tamper devices will be available through the trade and will give parents peace of mind that the bikes their youngsters are riding are properly restricted.”

He added: “The simple fact is that restrictors are there to protect people. Without one, your insurance is probably invalid and particularly young and inexperienced riders could come to serious harm.”

A sensible and logical step, or a bunch of nanny-state spoil-sports? We look forward to your comments below.

Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor