Monsters Inc.

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If Ducati hadn’t released the Monster in 1993 the Italian company probably wouldn’t have survived the 1990s.

This bike formed the bedrock that allowed Ducati to expand and grow, put money in dealer’s tills and funded the development of headline-grabbing models such as the 916.

21 years later we look at the four defining models, and highlight a few good examples for sale on MCN Bikes for Sale. But which incarnation of the iconic Monster is your favourite?

1993 Ducati Monster M900
An air-cooled two-valve motor gives the original Monster clean lines and a refreshing lack of clutter. When seeking the true soul of the Monster, this is the benchmark.

2006 Ducati Monster S4R
With a 996cc engine, the second generation of water-cooled Monster brought an impressive 113bhp as well as single-sided swingarm and stacked pipes to the range. Simply stunning.

This 2005 model S4R for sale looks in excellent condition. Its two owners have covered less than 6,000 miles between them and it’s completely standard. If you want a bit more performance than your average, air-cooled Ducati but still love the classic, simple deisgn of the older models, this is the Monster for you. 

2011 Ducati Monster M1100S
The last generation of air-cooled Monster gained more power, a revised chassis and underseat pipes. The styling isn’t as clean, but the performance is on the money.

The S variant 1100 came with Ohlins suspension front and rear and as such as a little more expensive than the standard 1100. This example also comes with a few cardon goodies. The exhaust in the picture will be replaced by the standard underseat items, but don’t ask, don’t get, right?

2014 Ducati Monster 1200S
The latest generation Monster has liquid-cooling and a four-valve head thanks to its Testastretta 11° engine. Has Ducati now pushed its 
performance too far though?

If you’re in the market for a Monster of your own, check out all the others for sale here.