BMW offer guaranteed test passes

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BMW’s rider training division is going on the offensive as we head into winter in an attempt to get as many new riders as possible ready for 2015’s glut of exciting new metal.

There are several different packages and offers available, dependant on your riding level, and licence requirements.

Guaranteed test pass package
BMW Rider Training are offering a new training package for customers who feel they need a little extra training to get them ready for the road. Riders who opt for the firm’s Direct Access Unlimited package, will get however much training – and however many attempts at the test – that they need, while only paying one fixed cost.

“With any and all training there is a certain amount of pressure on a person to pass or perform to a perceived standard, and for some this can be quite debilitating leading them to either not take up the option to ride at all, or to give up halfway through,” Chief Instructor Ian Biederman.

“We came up with the DAS Unlimited concept as an option for people to provide themselves with more time and less pressure. This enables someone to come on the course and, if for whatever reason they are not successful on either of the two tests, we will continue to train them and put them through their tests as many times as they require, confident that they won’t pay a penny more than the published price. We are aware that some people just need a little bit more time.”

A2 Upgrade for young riders
BMW Rider Training is delighted to announce a world-first offer: A2 Upgrade. Any riders aged 19-23 who pass their A2 test with us will be given a complimentary upgrade training package to their full Direct Access licence when they have had their A2 licence for two years, or turn 24 years-old.

The offer is even being retrospectively extended to anyone who has already passed their A2 test with BMW training.

“As getting your licence becomes harder and more costly in both time and funds, younger riders are straying away from riding and choosing to drive instead,” says A2 Project Leader Naomi Sesstein.

“As a young, female motorcyclist in the instructor programme I understand only too well the struggles young adults face in the industry. I proposed the free upgrade programme as an olive branch to young adults so they feel that the full world of motorcycle riding is within reach.

“BMW Rider Training is proud to be able to offer a unique scheme to ensure that new young riders are given an opportunity to experience the full potential of motorcycling. While some might think we’re crazy for offering to pay for someone’s upgrade, this is a conscious effort to encourage motorcycling to a marketplace that has been affected directly by legislation.”

Ride a 2015 BMW while training – for free
Any customers who book one-on-one Individual Premium Training will be offered complimentary hire of a 2015 BMW model.

Whatever level you’re training for, BMW will also give you a complimentary study package of reading material to help you make the most of your course.

All Direct Access course prices also now include both Module One & Two tests – with a 20% Winter Discount applied to the entire course cost.
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