Five key points about Arai's new RX-7V

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Arai are showing their new range-topping race helmet to the world for the first time today. Here’s MCN’s guide to the five most important changes…

Relocated visor pivot

The visor pivot point sits 24mm lower than on the existing RX-7GP. This means a smooth shape over a larger area of the shell to promote an action Arai call ‘glancing off’ in the event of an accident. The idea is that a smooth shape is better able to spread the impact load and help reduce the amount of energy transfer to the rider’s brain. The new visor mount means sidepods are smaller and sit outside the zone identified by America’s respected Snell research foundation as the most crucial area of the helmet for providing protection.

Formula One visor lock/open tab

The small tab to either lock an Arai visor open or closed can be fiddly to operate. The new version is adopted from Arai’s racing helmets for F1 drivers. It’s more substantial and looks as though it will be easier to use.

Longer diffuser

The plastic spoiler on top of the helmet is there to help extract hot air from inside the helmet, and this one is 20mm longer than before, to increase airflow and improve high-speed aerodynamics. Arai say the new helmet flows 11% more air than the existing helmet, thanks to the diffuser and air intakes that are 19% larger than the current lid.

Revised shell

It looks just the same as before, because Arai insist a smooth rounded shell is the most protective, but it’s 30g lighter thanks to a new type of resin. The changes around the repositioning of the visor pivot mean there’s an extra 3mm of room for the rider’s mouth and chin.

Adjustable interior

Different thicknesses of foam for the comfort lining mean riders can alter the fit to suit their head shape. The lining is made from a new material called Eco-Pure, which is anti-bacterial and anti-ponk.

The new helmet is due for release here in the UK later this year, with the price expected to be around £600 for a plain colour and £700 for graphics. Colours will be released nearer the time, but Arai have shown us Freddie Spencer and Maverick Vinales replicas to keep us happy for now.

Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor