Why James Whitham wants to clean up again

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James Whitham has launched his own range of bike cleaning and protecting products.

The former British, World Superbike and GP racer turned commentator went his own way because his couldn’t find the perfect stuff to keep his bikes clean and shiny.

And the result is the 6t9 range, which takes its name from the number 69 Whitham used during his racing career.

Whit told MCN: “I love my restorations and a lot of bike cleaners out there are a pain in the arse. A lot of them are just general cleaners with a picture of a bike stuck on the bottle.

“There are three of us in this project and we’re all bikers. I’ve been working on this for a year to get it right as I’m not going to get involved with owt unless it does the job properly,” he added.

The Eurosport and ITV4 commentator is a dyed-in-the-wool motorcycle enthusiast who rides on dirt, track and road.

He also has his own collection of classics to maintain and keep clean – and this inspired his development work on 6t9.

“We’ve worked on the smell to stop it all smelling like chemicals, all the aerosols will work when held upside-down and it’s really easy to see what is in each tin,” he said.

Whit has also made video guides to using the products in the range, which consists of cleaners and chain lubes for road and dirt bikes as well as a degreaser, silicone polish, light lube and a water-dispersant spray.

MCN has also secured an exclusive discount for our readers, which will give a 15% discount to the first 50 readers to enter the code ‘MCN15’ when they order on the Team 6t9 website. For more info on the range, and to use your discount code, go to www.team6t9.com

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