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A team at Eindhoven University of Technology have unveiled the world’s first touring electric bike, the STORM Pulse. Started by a team of 30 students in 2014, the team unveiled their designs in March 2015, and started work on assembling the prototype almost immediately.

The Storm boasts an impressive 240-mile range, far exceeding the distance any current electric production bike can achieve. The battery packs can easily be recharged using a fast charger and/or battery swapping.

In 2016 the team will start on a STORM World Tour. By relying on the existing electric charge-point infrastructure, and through the STORM Grid network of supporters, STORM will complete an 80-day race to prove its longevity.

This is a race around the world in 80 days without using internal combustion engines. The organization set up the event to start in April 2017, and STORM Eindhoven was the first team that committed to enter. The race will start in Paris and all kinds of teams, not just universities, are set to compete the 25,000mile race.

STORM Pulse is obviously not the first electric motorcycle, with many production bikes already available on the market, but none of them offers the freedom of the STORM’s range.

Its 28.5 kWh battery pack gives it a range of 240 kilometres without charging. When empty, the energy can be renewed within 7 minutes by swapping the battery, while a charge of up to 80% of capacity can be achieved in just 38 minutes.

Follow the story via the STORM Eindhoven team website.


Technical Specification

Power (Nominal) 47bhp

Power (Maximum) 94bhp

Torque (Nominal) 88.5ftlb

Torque (Maximum) 177ftlb

Acceleration 0-60mph – 5.0 seconds

Top speed 99mph

Range 240miles

Wheelbase 1540mm

Weight (Touring) 340kg

Weight (Empty) 160kg

Chassis Self-developed aluminium sheet frame

Front suspension Hossack

Thanks to: Comatech and Innometaal

Rear suspension HEGO Double swingarm

Damping Custom shock absorbers

Thanks to: TFX Suspension

Front tyre DunlopRoadsmart II (120/70)

Rear tyre Dunlop Roadsmart II (190/55)

Motor Emrax 226

Transmission           Smeshgear

Battery technology Lithium-ion

Capacity (Touring) 28.5 kWh

Capacity (Race) 14.25 kWh

Cartridges (Touring) 24

Cartridges (Race) 12

Swapping time 7 minutes

Charging time 8 hours

Fast-charging time (0-80%) 38 minutes

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