BMW: Going small to go big

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BMW is expected to reveal a range if 300cc single-cylinder four-stroke bikes in a matter of weeks and these machines will be a key part of BMW’s strategy as they have the potential to expand sales massively.

BMW has recently broken the record for production by building 112,000 bikes over a 12-month period. With the 300cc bikes on the way this has the potential to be increased by up to three times. The bikes have been designed and engineered by BMW but are being built in India by partner company TVS.

R&D chief Karl Viktor Schaller told MCN: “There is a long-term future for small-capacity bikes. These are authentic BMWs. It may have less horsepower but it has the same engine behaviour and this will be a very nice bike.

“There will be multiple models based around the same platform. With development costs so high this is the best way of increasing efficiency. We believe there is room to expand the BMW brand below what we have now but this doesn’t mean we will have a 50cc scooter. That’s not going to work.”

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter