The Buyer: ‘If they don’t sell new, they’re a bargain used’

This is a tough issue new bikes that will almost certainly cost you a fortune if you buy them new and try to re-sell them, which means they represent staggering value for the canny used buyer.

There’s one bike that stands head and shoulders above the others here, and that’s Triumph’s 1200 Trophy tourer. I used to run the old Trophy (a 2001 model) and promised myself that if Triumph ever got around to seriously updating it, I’d have another.

They did eventually build another, but unfortunately they decided what people wanted was a BMW with a Triumph engine in it, and they made it as wide as the balls bowled by Australia in the Ashes.

These were £13k new (more for the SE version), and are already being discounted by at least one dealer by £2000. They just aren’t selling. I think by the end of the year you’ll be able to get one for under £9000.

Kawasaki’s Versys 1000 is another. The first model was, er, not much of a looker and got a very fast cosmetic revamp to try to tempt fashion-conscious riders, but these are mouldering on showroom floors as well. And they’re expensive. 

These are being discounted as well now, which means the value of used ones will also tumble pretty quickly. The old model already has you can get one for around six grand, and I think a 2014/15 model will be down to around £8000 by next year.

And then there’s Honda’s VFR1200, a perfectly capable tourer. But this is even pricier than the Trophy and almost as rare a sight on Britain’s roads. Honda is already offering free servicing and 0% finance deals, which is always a sign of a slow seller. Used 2010 models are down to £5000, believe it or not. 

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