Last minute Christmas buys

Published: 18 December 2016

Today is the last day you can order from the good lord-internet and still receive your package in time for Christmas. Struggling for motorcycle gift ideas as the deadline draws nearer? Let MCN be your last-minute guide…  

We have all been there. Work has gotten in the way, family commitments have prevented you from getting out to purchase gifts and the weather has tried its hardest to keep you locked indoors. You have probably also had to wait until payday in order to have the pennies put towards gifts, too. 

You are now currently in a sweat, praying to Richard and Judy that everything will be received with gratitude as you dart around the petrol station trying to find something for your mother, father, partner, children and friends. Little Timmy would love a Cornish Pastry for his Christmas. Maybe. 

However, there is an easier way. Struggling to think of gift ideas for the Motorcycle mad person in your life? These last minute gift ideas could prove perfect. You can thank us later. 

MT Thunder Solid Helmet

A helmet always makes a great gift for a motorcyclist at Christmas. Just like a pre-Madonna with handbags, a rider can never have enough helmets…

Interphone Tour Bluetooth Intercom Twin Pack

Helping riders stay in contact up to a whopping 1.5km (1 mile) apart, if you are heading out as a pair for a road trip, this little kit could provide safety, hilarity and commerce at all times. 

MotoGP Bar Stool

You can never tell when a bar stool could come in handy. Especially if you have a bar, or a garage where you occasionally need to escape to, away from the annual Christmas argument where your family take chunks out of each other. Instead of holding your Mother-In-Law back with a chair, why not sit on your bar stool and have a cup of tea? They're even wearing Moto GP branding. 

Bike It Blind Spot Mirrors

These convex wide angle mirrors eliminate blind spots, helpful if you have not long passed your test and still grappling with the joys a main road can bring you. Or if you simply keep backing into things - best to deal with that before you have a law suit and a bill for a new greenhouse on your hands. 

Manual Cruise Control

If you know someone who could use some help in reducing hand and arm fatigue over long journeys, this is potentially the best purchase of the year.