Meet the Monday M-1, a moped for the 21st century

Think of mopeds and two-strokes immediately come to mind. Great for performance and nostalgia, but not so great for the environment. California-based Monday Motorcycles have decided to bring the moped into the 21st century, with their electric M-1.

The M-1 has two riding modes, Economy and Sport. In Economy mode top speed is restricted to just 20mph due to electric bike regulations in many states, while the range is 50 miles. Put the ‘ped in Sport mode and your speed increases to 40mph as the full 5.5kW of power is unleashed. The range takes a big hit in Sport mode, dropping to 20-30 miles.


Don’t worry though, you can pedal if you run out of juice and the M-1 makes use of regenerative braking to top up the battery whenever you brake.

When you get to your destination the battery can be removed so you can charge it inside and not have to worry about the local youths unplugging your bike for a laugh.

A USB port on the dash allows you to charge your devices on the go, while Bluetooth connectivity enables connectivity with your smartphone for more dash features and remote wireless unlocking.

The stylish M-1 is now available to pre-order in the US for the price of $5995 (£4897), which may be a bit of a stumbling block for something with such a low top speed and short range.


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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer