Polaris Slingshot recalled

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The Polaris Slingshot has been recalled due to the potential for suspension failure, brake failure and risk of fire

The Polaris Slingshot three wheeled motorcycle has been recalled due to a hazardous triple threat of suspension failure, brake failure and risk of fire. The full details of the recall are as follows:

  1. Brake Failure - It is possible during production the brake pressure switch (brake light switch) may have been over torqued. This could result in a loss of brake fluid and subsequent reduction in braking performance, which could cause a collision.
  2. Risk of fire - It is possible during production the fuel pipe may have been placed to close too the hood which resulted in insufficient clearance between the two. This could result in the abrasion of the fuel pipe, which could leak. If this happens in the presence of an ignition source there will be a risk of fire.
  3. Suspension failure - It has been identified that the suspension swinging arm may not have been manufactured to the correct specification, which affects its strength and could cause it to fail. If this occurs, the directional control of the machine could be affected.

The DVLA have said that 14 vehicles are affected and although they have not issued a stop notice, due to the nature of the failures we’d not sure we’d keep riding one. Further details, including models affected can be found here: Polaris Slingshot recall


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