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So we were at Dirt Quake last weekend and to be frank, it was utter madness. Everything you’d expect from an event that has race categories such as Inappropriate Road Bike and Choppers, seeing the most unassuming machines taken well beyond their intended purpose as they were sent around the Adrian Flux arena’s dirt oval at Kings Lynn.

But it wasn’t just the bikes that made it such a great event, it was the personalities and the camaraderie that existed between the riders. We spoke to some of them to try and get a better understanding of the madness that brought them to Dirt Quake in the first place…



Hubert Bastie AKA Marge Simpson
Yamaha SR500

“This is my fourth year at Dirt Quake, I come over from Paris. A friend of mine had heard about the event. I had a Street Tracker and he told me I had to go to England to try it so I was like ‘Okay, let’s go’. Each year we brought more and more friends along, two or three to start with but this year 16 of us have come over. We have five riding and the rest are just for support and enjoying the fun.

“It’s so, so good. All five of us riding are dressed as the Simpsons. I’m Marge, my friend Max is Homer, we also have out son Bart, Krusty the Clown and Millhouse. Last year we were the Ninja Turtles and the year before that we came as Mario and Luigi. It’s great, great fun.”

Darren Mason
Honda CBR1000F

“Me and my mate came here last year. We were sat in the stands having a few beers and I decided that I need to have a go at this but I didn’t have a bike. And my mate said to me ‘I’ve got a bike, my old CBR1000 that’s in the shed, you can use it if you want’. Happy days. So here we are.

“It’s interesting; it’s more slippery than I thought it was going to be. I’ve managed to hang onto the bike so I’m doing all right. I hope I don’t put down because it’s actually for sale. It’s genuinely up for sale; my mate wants to sell it. It’s not a bad tool, we’ve got wets on the back and front, I wouldn’t want to do it on street tyres though, no chance.

“I’m having fun, it’s a good laugh. Looking forward to the afternoon, practice went okay, the front end is pushing a little bit, but I’ve just got to take my time. In the paddock earlier on, Guy Martin came over and started taking the piss out of it but I soon got him back when I saw what he was riding.”

Mike Johnson
Yamaha XS750

“I’ve raced in Dirt Quake before and I race in the DTRA normally. I’ve done three years in the DTRA but this work has been getting in the way this year, so I haven’t been able to make it to any of the meetings so far and as such I’ve written to whole season off. Dirt Quake was the one event I just didn’t want to miss out on, it’s a lot of fun.

“I’m racing an XS750 Chop. It’s a very, very low bike. Before I bought it, the bike was featured in Back Street Heroes. Now it gets abused, I don’t believe in shiny bikes, it’s a tool to be used.

“We’ve only just done practice so far but the track is grippy. I was a bit cautious because if I go a bit too low on it, the pegs just ground in and spin it around. It was quite surprising how far you could go though before it started slipping. It’s good. If I had a bit more ground clearance though I could be pushing it right in.

“The events that they have on for the crowds are just great. The crowd get really behind you when you’re racing. There’s nothing else like it. It’s an event all of its own.”

Kiki Azim
Yamaha XT500

“I’m from Portland, Oregon but I’m living in London working at the Bike Shed. I had to see how Dirt Quake was done here.

“It’s all about the Racing, the adrenalin, the people, the colours, the faces, the excitement, the thrill and the dirt! Girls like dirt!

“I’ve switched bikes. Something went wrong with my awesome home-made chopper so now im on an XT500 lent to me by a friend of mine.

“I went to Dirt Quake USA last year and this event is tame compared to that, I’ve heard security there was stepped up this year [at Dirt Quake USA] but I’m here instead this year and it’s awesome!”

Caylee Hawkins
Honda CB125

“I’m on a CB125 that’s bored out to a 190. We finished the build at 11.30 last night and got it running this morning.

“Me and Kiki come as a pair, we’re CayKiki! This is our first time racing here. I’ve had a few friends that have been before.”

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer