The largest privately owned Honda collection outside of Japan

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If you are into classic Hondas, you will already know the name David Silver. Since 1986 his company has been the go-to place for classic Honda spares, not only selling parts but also sourcing new-old-stock and reproduction components. But in the last few years Silver has evolved his business to include tracking down classic Hondas from all over the world for his customers and his own personal collection. And now he has brought his entire collection together to open his own Honda museum.

“About two years ago we set up an American business and a customer mentioned there was a dealership nearby owned by Bob Logue, who was in the process of selling up,” explains Silver. “Bob’s dealership also contained a museum but the guy who bought it only wanted to sell ATVs, so I made him an offer for the collection of over 120 Hondas with the idea of replicating the museum in the UK. Shortly afterwards I heard of a collector in Europe who was also selling up his 1950s Honda bikes and it all snowballed from there…”


By snowballed, Silver actually means the collection started to swell to nearly 150 bikes and he was forced to build a bespoke two-storey building to house what is the largest collection of Hondas on display outside of the official Honda museum in Motegi, Japan.

 “We have been very careful choosing what bikes we have in the museum,” says Silver. “The overriding theme is ‘bikes I used to own’ so we won’t have race bikes in the museum and probably not an NR750. I want people to say ‘I used to have one of these.’ It is a museum of memories and not exotica.”

The museum will open its doors to the public on July 4 at David Silver’s Spares in Leiston, Suffolk. Here’s a little glimpse of the stunning treasure trove you will find within.

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