Ducati confirms new models will debut at World Ducati Week

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Ducati has confirmed two new models will be shown at the massive Ducati party in Italy in just two weeks’ time but only one will be shown in public with the other hidden from plain view behind closed doors.

Ducati isn’t revealing what the bikes are other than to explain one is a limited-edition model which will be in honour of the company’s 90th anniversary. The other will be a ‘sneak preview’ of a 2017 model which will be behind locked doors in the same way Ducati fans at WDW in 2014 were shown a Ducati Scrambler model inside a locked shipping container.

We don’t know for sure what the new models will be and Ducati isn’t giving any official steer on what they might be either. It very much wants to keep the surprise for WDW and the thousands of Ducatisiti who travel from all over the world to be at the Misano circuit in Italy. The event is being held from July 1 to 3.


The Ducati press release states: “Every Ducatista attending World Ducati Week 2016 can enjoy another two exclusive events: the unveiling (on Saturday evening) of a limited-edition special celebrating Ducati’s 90th anniversary and a closed room offering a sneak peek at a new Ducati model in the 2017 range.”

What the new models might be?

The dream for many is that Ducati will show a completely new version of the MotoGP replica DesmosediciRR that was first shown in 2003 at WDW. We’re not so sure this is going to happen so will give the chances of this around 3.5/10

The fact the 90th Anniversary model is going to be a ‘limited-edition’ suggests it will be based on an existing model. The big sales success right now is the Scrambler but with so many models already being spawned from this platform we think this is only around a 5.5/10 chance. Much more likely is something based around one of the premium bikes like the Multistrada, Panigale or XDiavel; we just don’t know which one at this stage. The limited-edition being based on one of these models is more like a 9/10.

Whatever this bike is will remain a mystery for only another couple of weeks as the bike is going to be publicly unveiled at WDW.

What’s going to be in the secret viewing room?

What the 2017 model that will be shown inside a locked room will be is even more of a mystery and MCN’s sources are a little less than certain.

What are the possibilities?

We think the two best bets are either a large capacity Scrambler model or something that sits in the modern classic range which has been empty since Ducati axed the Sport Classic range back in 2009.

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali has officially confirmed to MCN previously the Scrambler range would get bigger with more models coming soon and we think this is the best chance of being the model that will be shown to small groups behind closed doors at Misano in two weeks. We understand a Scrambler with a V-twin with an engine capacity of around 1000 to 1100cc.

Ducati events such as this are famously lax in terms of security. Multiple smartphone images of the Scrambler appeared and at a Ducati dealer event in America a group of award winners took their photo in front of an image of a new 1299R Panigale which was, until that point, a secret new model!

Full WDW schedule unveiled

Ducati full press release goes into a huge amount of detail about what’s happening at the event. Here it is in almost full: “World Ducati Week 2016 encapsulates the revolutionary changes enacted by Ducati in recent years. The WDW2016 title, “More than Red”, highlights both its long-standing attachment to the sports bike world and the new models for new segments. These include the XDiavel, the new Ducati cruiser, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro and the new Scrambler Sixty2, three recent additions to the Ducati range that all WDW2016 participants can “experience” in truly unique ways. Don’t miss the ‘Gentleman’s Lounge’ for example, dedicated to the XDiavel’s uniquely refined technology and mind-blowing performance. There will also be plenty of space dedicated to the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, the star of DRE Enduro, the new Ducati off-road riding school that WDW2016 participants will be able to get a taste of. The very same Multistrada 1200 Enduro also features in Globetrotter 90, the symbolic around the world bike trip to celebrate Ducati’s 90th anniversary, which will take in the places that have contributed to writing the most important pages of the company’s history. Then there is the fun of Scrambler world and its unmistakeable “yellow zone”, featuring the brand new Sixty2 and Flat Track Pro models and ready to host the first Scrambler Reunion. The Land of Joy offers a host of activities including climbing, thanks to an artificial climbing wall that everyone can attempt to scale, basketball games in the playground set up especially for the occasion, live non-stop music with the Scrambler Music Marathon put on my Ducati employees and their band, the Barber Shop in collaboration with Prep for a new look, and many other surprises including the brand new Flat Track School. Friday takes us to Aquafan, the final destination for the thousands of bikes that will roar out of the circuit to Riccione and the fun-fuelled Scrambler Party. With water slides, swimming pools, a ‘foam party’ and great music from the ’90s, this event is open to all WDW2016 participants: just go to wdw.ducati.com to find out all the details on how to join the party. On Saturday 2 July the Santamonica stadium in Misano Adriatico will reverberate to the sound of Italian rocker Piero Pelù: a two-hour injection of pure energy for everyone at World Ducati Week.

The explosive ingredients of track, riders and races have always made for a memorable WDW. This ninth edition has spiced up those ingredients further by doubling the number of races involving Ducati riders. Friday evening kicks off with the first ever “Scrambler Ducati Flat Track Race by TIM” with Dovizioso, Giugliano, Bayliss, Petrucci, Hernandez, Valia, Mercado and Xaus battling it out on the new Scrambler Flat Track Pro on the Misano Circuit Area oval. The showdown takes place along a 1000-metre track, with riders engaging in heart-stopping drifts and duels.

Another Saturday epic comes in the form of the “Drag Race by Shell”. A true Drag Strip will be set up on the straight of the “Marco Simoncelli” Misano World Circuit, with racers going head to head on awesome Diavel Carbon bikes. The high-calibre contenders will be Stoner, Iannone, Dovizioso, Capirossi, Davies, Laconi, Redding and Barbera – but there can only be one winner!

Also travelling to WDW, from all over the world, are the DOC (Ducati Owners Clubs), our Ducati ‘Core Community’ who put their hearts and souls into making each WDW unique.

Our prestigious partners have also decided to play an active role in WDW2016. Strategic Ducati partners such as TIM who, in addition to providing Wi-Fi coverage during WDW, will also have their own stand and play a part in the Guarda Avanti project to raise people’s awareness of the risks of using mobile phones while riding or driving.

Ducati’s technical partner, Shell Advance, is also the ‘title sponsor’ of the eagerly awaited “Drag Race by Shell Advance” being held on Saturday evening. Shell will have its own dedicated area offering great entertainment and a superb DJ set. Moreover, WDW2016 also offers this high-status brand the chance to present press and public with some major new product developments.

Another key official WDW2016 partner is Termignoni, an example of Italian excellence and practically a must for all those Ducatisti who want unbeatable performance and an unmistakeable sound.

Plenty of other official partners will there too: GData, Bosch, Pirelli, Prep, Canon, Hera, not to mention suppliers, technical partners and Ducati licensees.

And there’s more than bikes… Four-wheeled thrills will also be available courtesy of Audi and Lamborghini, with everyone getting the chance to enjoy a hair-raising high speed lap of the track alongside a professional racing driver. Volkswagen Business vehicles will also be joining us, displaying an exclusive version of the Transporter for Ducatisti and all other motorcycling enthusiasts.

WDW2016 also sees MilleMiglia – the Alitalia loyalty plan – join the partner pool, offering participants air miles and a chance to win airline tickets to MotoGP Championship races.

Once again, WDW can count on a big helping hand from the towns of Misano Adriatico and the Republic of San Marino, who’ll be providing organisation, logistical support and local events for Ducatisti arriving at Misano from all over the planet. WDW2016 also includes a multitude of activities organised by APT Regione Emilia-Romagna and Ducati to promote the Motor Valley brand. These include Route 90: a 9-stage itinerary along the Via Emilia linking the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale to the Misano Racetrack.

Last – but certainly not least given it pivotal role – comes the “Marco Simoncelli” Misano World Circuit, the venue of every single WDW edition right from the very first.

And there’s more: with the new WDW2016 app for iOS and Android, the entire World Ducati Week is at your fingertips: info, news and the fully updated programme. Moreover, during the three days at Misano the WDW2016 app will help speed up kit collection, provide useful real-time info and even let you win prizes and obtain exclusive freebies.

Summing up: the 3-day World Ducati Week 2016 programme features Paddock events, Dynamic events, Track events, Evening events and Competitions.


Paddock events

Ducati Garage Contest

Ducati Heritage Contest

International Biker Games

Ducati University

Apparel and accessories shop

“Closed Room” for a preview of a MY2017 bike

“Treasure Hunt” open to all participants

Land of Joy

Dynamic events

XDiavel Test Ride

DRE Enduro

DRE Safety

Flat Track School

Scrambler Test Ride

WDW2016 Tours

Track events

Practice sessions

Audi and Lamborghini track laps

Stuntmen shows and Dragster race

Two-seater thrills with Troy Bayliss and Ruben Xaus

Riders’ lap of honour

Pro Riders’ Race

Friday: “Scrambler Ducati Flat Track Race by TIM” 

Saturday: “Drag Race by Shell”

Evening events

Friday: Parade from Racetrack to Riccione; Scrambler Party at Aquafan in Riccione

Saturday: Rider Presentation; Piero Pelù in concert

All the info on these events and others in the WDW programme is available on the event website wdw.ducati.comscramblerducati.com/en/wdw and the dedicated Facebook page World Ducati Week.  

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