Video: Guy Martin prepares for cross channel flight

Guy Martin may be missing this year’s TT but he’s still riding high as he prepares for another mad record attempt as part of his forthcoming Speed TV series.

Martin was spotted earlier this week practising on his pedal powered blimp at Hythe in Kent. Crowds quickly gathered as he was spotted taking to the skies flying the contraption that he will attempt to cross the channel in later this year.

Martin, 34,  is due to take part in the North American Tour Divide cycle race in early June, which is why he has decided to sit the TT out, but he seemed happy enough reaching for the skies as part of his preparation for another record attempt.

Martin stopped between filming sessions to pose with fans and sign autographs. This video was taken by Hythe resident and passer-by Paul Evison who said “One minute I was wandering along the prom thinking about buying an ice cream. The next I saw Guy Martin pedal past me, about 40 feet in the air! It was a bit surreal, but pretty impressive nonetheless!”