MCN Longest Day: En route to Bristol

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Today (June 20) is the Longest Day Of The Year and to make the most of it the MCN team is riding from dawn to dusk, soaking up as much of the 16 hours and 38 minutes of sunlight as possible. Along with regular updates on the site follow us throughout the day on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. #MCNLongestDay and keep up to date with all our riders here.

As the day turns into early evening, I arrive at Fowlers of Bristol on my way through to my endpoint which will ultimately be at Lands End to see the last of today’s light (hopefully).

After all the rain of the morning and early afternoon, I have yet to get a good soaking, in fact, here in Bristol it’s blue skies and sunshine – a fact that I’m quietly pleased about. Much to the dismay of my other colleagues, who have all been soaked to the bone in the east and in London. I’m trying not to feel a little smug (and failing at it) before the realisation sets in that I’m only here on a flying visit and my mission is far from over.

With sundown being around 9:30 this evening I must push on if I have any hope of getting there on time. Before taking traffic (at rush hour) and fuel stops into account, my end destination is still 3 hours 45 minutes away according to Google. Time to press on, the race is on.

Fowlers are also running a photo competition to coincide with the Ride to Work week where you could win some new bike gear. Check out their facebook page for more.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer