Guy Martin to attempt Wall of Death world record - LIVE!

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Guy Martin will attempt a record-breaking assault on the largest Wall of Death ever built on March 28, according to a new trailer film released by Channel4

The short teaser, below, shows Guy team up with world-famous Wall of Death master, Ken Fox, who has trained the Lincolnshire racer to ride horizontally in the epic 120ft diameter wood-lined drum. As stunts go, this one is big – and the whole assault on the wall will be aired live on Channel4 on Easter Bank Holiday Monday, March 28, at 7:15pm.

The Wall of Death is an epic stunt that involves defying gravity: riding a motorcycle around a vertical wall at high speed. Guy will attempt to go faster and further than ever before, setting a new world record by scaling incredible new heights on an enormous wall that has been specially constructed from shipping containers. The programme also follows Guy’s training, which began over a year ago with his first rather clumsy attempts to ride a wall under the guidance of Britain’s finest Wall of Death rider, Ken Fox.

Guy also learns about the science that makes him and his bike stick to a vertical wall, from Cambridge University professor Dr Hugh Hunt. And, in a punishing flight in a stunt plane with ex-fighter pilot Mark Greenfield, Guy experiences the massive G forces he’ll need to contend with. Guy’s take on the show? ‘It’s the greatest idea anyone has ever had.’ 

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