MCN's BMW GS Trophy diary: Day four

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If yesterday was all about crashes, rain and man handling GS’s, today has been all about preparation for the main event with the 2016 BMW GS Trophy officially starting tomorrow. 

With all the teams, media, organisers, TV crews and bikes assembled in Chiang Dao it’s been a day for the actual competitors from the 19 teams to do the necessary paper work, briefings, and familiarise themselves with the bikes they will be riding across the Thai jungle for the next seven days. 

In addition we’ve had our own media commitments – posing for photos and conducting interviews for BMW who will have all the very latest pictures and news as it happens while we’re riding the bikes on 

We’ve got one more briefing tonight before what should, if we were sensible, be an early night before it all kicks off tomorrow. Despite the weather forecast of no rain, it rained again here this morning and we’ve had a few more drops this afternoon. The word on the street is that organiser Tomm Wolf and the organisers have done another reccy and are currently modifying the route after yesterday crash fest. 

Having told the British team of Oliver Twigg, James Berrill and Gordon Blackley about yesterday’s mud and crash fest, they looked positively excited due to their years of experience of riding in the UK and in slippery conditions! 

Personally having experienced just how slippery it was yesterday, you could barely stand up, I’m hoping for sun. But weather I’ll be saying that tomorrow when I’m dragging my GS up a hill in 35 degrees remains to be seen. I’ll let you know!

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider