Drudi unleashes a storm

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Prolific design guru, Aldo Drudi – most famous for his phenomenal catalogue of helmet designs (including Valentino Rossi’s) – has turned his hand to creating an entire motorcycle.

Dubbed the Burasca 1200, the machine is based on Honda’s VFR1200F, but it’s a long way from standard. Created in the team’s ‘Air Garage’, it’s Drudi’s modern interpretation of a sports-tourer – and it’s certainly bold. This is the first large project to emerge from the new D-Perf 3D-P department, which has also simultaneously revealed the ANVERA 55 Crossover Boat, entirely made of carbon fibre.

The name Burasca means ‘storm’, and it’s taken the new Drudi team 15 months to realise the bike from the first idea and sketches through to this fully-finished concept bike. Highlights include a wealth of special finishes and materials, Öhlins NIX30 fork and TTX36GP shock, a stunning Akrapovic exhaust made solely for this concept, and beautiful bespoke lighting. The original frame, engine and cardan drive have been maintained, but everything else has been completely redesigned in line with the mantra ‘MORE COMFORT, MORE CONTROL, MORE DRIVING SAFETY’. Although that last point won’t be helped by the team ditching the VFR’s ABS.

The riding position is more sporty, and the Burasca weighs a useful 30kg less than original VFR. The aluminum wheels are made by Fast Mec and are lighter than the VFR’s, improving agility and performance under acceleration and braking, while most of the remaining bespoke cycle parts are hewn from Ergal, including the overall finish of the anodized Ergal and carbon fibre ‘camouflage texture’ on the fairings. The only touch of colour comes from the red airbox air intakes.

There’s no word yet on whether the bike will enter production.

You can see more at the Burasca dedicated website.

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