When Bike Swaps Go Bad. No 3: John Hopkins

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2007 Suzuki GSV-R to 2008 Kawasaki ZX-RR

ohn Hopkins, once dubbed the new Kevin Schwantz, was doing well at Suzuki in 2007: four rostrums sealed fourth in the world. And he upped and left for Kawasaki.

What a disaster. It started with an unequal struggle then turned into a train of injuries, and precipitated a downward slide in both career and personal life that the rejuvenated Hopper is doing well at reversing in BSB.

“At that stage, I felt I needed to freshen things up. I felt ‘how cool would it be to take a bike that isn’t proven to be that great, and put it at the front right away’? I felt confident we were going to be able to do that.”

He was second at Valencia on the Suzuki at season’s end, then came the post-season tests. “The next day I’m on the Kawasaki. And I never felt more uncomfortable on a bike.”

It was tiny. And in spite of all the promises, it never changed much. “My knees would get stuck on my elbows. I lost the front at least six times by locking my elbow on to my knee.”

A string of increasingly serious injuries meant Hopper dropped from fourth in the world to 16th, and next year Kawasaki pulled the plug on the team.

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