Gallery: 125cc bargain hunting

Are the latest crop of sub-£3000 naked 125s worth it – or are you being taken for a ride?

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You can buy a brand new 125cc naked bike with a 24-month warranty and dealer back-up for less than £2000. You could run around on one of these for two trouble-free years then at the end of that period of fun commuting either trade it in for a new model or sell it for £500. You’ll still be quids in.

Think about it: would you rather be on the tube, sweating hot, with your face buried in a stranger’s armpit – or actually enjoying the world above the surface? I know where I’d rather be.


We wondered just how good a budget 125cc could really be? In a wintry November would you still choose two wheels, and if so where does the smart money go? So we went and found out…

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