How the hell do you...Get your knee down?

Published: 07 November 2016

The world’s leading professional nutcases, daredevils and racing heroes reveal their expert knowledge on the most ridiculous biking feats you can imagine in MCN’s 20-part, once a week special. Don’t try this at home!

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Answered by Michael Neeves - MCN’s Senior Road Tester

Getting your knee down is a by-product of being in the correct body position in the middle of a corner. Hunch over the front of the bike (to maximise front tyre grip), hang off to the side (to keep it more upright and away from the edge of the tyre) and as your speed and lean angle increases, you’ll feel the scratch of knee slider kissing tarmac.

Always get into your ‘hang off’ position way before you brake into the corner. At most tracks you’re either hanging off left or right and don’t ever need to sit in the middle of the bike, unless there’s an exceptionally long straight to tuck in for. Your mid-corner body position should be:

  • Toe on inside peg, flat-footed on the outside.
  • Move inside bum cheek off the seat.
  • Keep inside arm ‘soft’ and point elbow towards the floor.
  • Outside arm straight, pushing the bike away from you.
  • Lean forward and move head towards your inside hand, to the outside of the screen.
  • The more you move your head and shoulders in towards the corner, the easier it is to get your knee down.
  • If you’re reaching for the corner with your knee and riding ‘twisted’ it will never happen.