Video: £16,000 street race settles Facebook feud

We’ve all witnessed it, internet forum or Facebook users having a debate about who’s bike is better, or who the faster rider is. Normally the ‘discussion’ stays in the virtual world, but two riders from the Phillipines decided to settle it for good with an illegal street race on public roads for $20,000 (£16,002).


The two unidentified riders weren’t racing high-powered superbikes like their Isle of Man heroes, they were racing, err, scooters. But before you start laughing, watch the video – they’re not hanging about.

Over the course of the race the riders pull some seriously dicey moves, not just on each other but on other road users. They overtake just inches from cars round corners and corner on the wrong side of the road with a Police car travelling towards them. And nobody bats an eyelid.

Almost the entire length of the ‘track’ is paved with spectators and the winner is unable to ride through the crowd after the finish without stopping to pose for a few selfies.


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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer