Weird motorcycle laws from around the world

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We’re all aware of those weird laws around the globe which are perhaps hangovers from a different time, such as London taxi drivers having to carry around a bail of hay at all times.

It turns out there are also a few motorcycle-specific laws that are, in 2016, a little weird. The weirdest of these laws are below.


London: No sex on a parked motorbike
We’re not entirely sure why this only applies to London, or parked motorbikes. But does the fact they’ve specified the bike must be parked mean you can get down on a moving motorcycle? 

Germany: Keep both hands on the bars
It’s illegal to ride your motorcycle holding on with just one hand in Germany. This one is fairly logical, since two hands are better than one.

Some states in the USA: Must wear eye protection
Not all states in the US require you to wear a motorcycle helmet, but some of them do require you to wear eye protection. This means you could get fined for wearing a helmet but riding with the visor up. 

Cambodia: No headlights in the day
Ride with your headlights on during the day will result in a fine, but riding without them on at night is fine, apparently. Since most bikes come with daytime running lights now they all have to be modified so they can be turned off.

Alberta, Canada: Remain seated
You’re not allowed to stand up while riding in Alberta. So no matter how much you need to stretch you can’t. We’re not sure if this also includes off-road riding.

Thailand: No modifications
Even something as small as changing the handlebar grips is illegal in Thailand. They don’t enforce this, and we’re not sure how they would.

Thailand: No bridges or tunnels
You’re not allowed to ride your motorcycle on a bridge or through a tunnel. Another one that they don’t enforce. 

Thailand: Left lane only
Another weird law that doesn’t get enforced. Motorcycles must ride in the left hand lane at all times. While many riders in Thailand stay in the left lane because they’re not going that fast it would make turning right a bit tricky. 

Spain: No intercoms
Fairly self explanatory, but we’re not sure as to the reasoning behind it, although it may be something to do with mobile phone use being illegal while driving. 

Some Indian states: Helmet for the rider only
Only the rider of the motorcycle is required to wear a helmet in parts of India. Forget about the pillions, they’ll be fine. 

Sydney, Australia: Pay for your accident
If you’re unfortunate enough to have an accident in Sydney, regardless of speed, weather and road conditions you could be fined $425 for negligent riding and lose three of your demerit points.


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