Midlands off-road centre needs public help

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A proposed new off-road bike park has been given more time to gather public support after planners admitted that the timeframe for submissions was too short.

It’s one of the most often voiced problems in the off-road riding world: ‘there’s just nowhere to ride these days’. Well this is your chance to add your voice to the council’s decision over the proposed new site near Yarwell, Peterborough, which is subject to an ongoing feasability study.

The site – called Dirt World – will provide facilities for motorcycles, mountain bikes and 4x4s, but they do need your support to demonstrate the public’s appetite for such a site. The local council (East Northamptonshire Council) has asked the operators to gather evidence of support from the general public, and those supportive submissions should be made immediately.

The proposal plans include an off-road motorcycle track as well as tracks for mountain bikes and 4x4s, and non-vehiclular events like mud running and corporate events days. It will be fully serviced site, including jet wash facilities, a café and organisers office, plus toilets, and first aid and paramedic cover. It will be fully staffed and marshalled for all activities.

The venue is already established, so this isn’t a green-field site, but the planning application recognises the desire to turn this into a dramatically more professional facility, for the benefit of all users.

To show your support and view the application you can head to the council’s planning website, but the easier route is to fill in a quick and simple form set up by local cycle blogger The Brighter Cyclist, in order to show your support. 

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