Guy Martin to return to Bonneville next week

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Things may have seemed fairly quiet surrounding Guy Martin’s Land Speed Record attempt following a string of successful practice runs in August. But Guy will return to Bonneville’s famous Salt Flats next week in an attempt break the record of 376.8mph in the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner. 

Since the August practise that saw a new record of 274.1mph set for the fastest Triumph, the team maintaining the bike have been hard at work with final preparations on the 1000bhp, 2970cc carbon/Kevlar Streamliner.


First task was to clean the Streamliner, after salt from the practice runs had worked its way into every nook and crevice of the machine. This takes the team a week to complete and needed to be done four times.

Maintenance includes removing and inspecting all of the major components, with visual and mechanical checks. The engines are also checked and serviced with new oil and filters before being going to the dyno to re-check the performance and run power simulations.

The specialist Goodyear Land Speed tyres have also been changed, which again is a tricky job given the nature of the bike and speeds that are involved. The wheels have to be stripped before the new tyres can be fitted and are then sent to a specialist testing facility for checking to ensure that the tyres will be able to last and cope during the runs.

The Streamliner is now being packed and loaded at the team’s base in Portland, Oregon to be transported to Bonneville where Guy will be waiting.

See more in MCN as the record attempt unfolds, and you can also follow the team's progress via Triumph's website.


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