Video: Who wants to see Guy Martin on a human-powered boat?

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Wall of Death, check. Triumph Infor Streamliner, check. Human-powered airship, check. So what's next on the list for Speed with Guy Martin

A human-powered boat. A-bloody-human-powered-boat, that's what. 

Just when life couldn't get any more exciting the TT racer rocks up in a specially-built boat along a 100-metre course to attempt yet another world record.


And it's not any pedal boat, it's one that will aim to average a speed of 21mph. A similar speed normally reserved for racing yachts (in windy conditions) and Google's self-driving car (25mph top speed). 

Taking on his most physical and technical challenge yet, Guy will be joined by Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie, who will hand over the helm of one of his multi-million-pound America's Cup yachts to demonstrate the cutting-edge technology of hydrofoils: underwater wings that help a boat fly across water.

During episode 3 of the Channel 4 show, Guy will also build two different machines that use hydrofoils: a carbon-fibre catamaran made with help from the University of Lincoln, and a canoe fitted with a giant aeroplane propeller, assembled in his own back garden.

The question is can Guy get either of his efforts up to speed?

In order to make his floating contraptions fly he will need 1000 watts of pedalling effort - 10 times what a recreational cyclist produces. We're exhausted just reading over the efforts. 

Watch the video below as MCN Staff Writer, Joe Dick, joined in with the crowd of supporters to witness Guy during his practice runs. 

However to catch the whole thing tune into Channel 4, Sunday, October 2, 7.30pm for Speed with Guy Martin, episode 3. 

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Maria Vallahis

By Maria Vallahis