"It was a beautiful centrepiece to build the rest around”

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Shed built 1975 Honda CB360

Finding time to create and build a bike is always a challenge, but for Nick Enghardt from the Netherlands, it was worth persevering though as his Honda proves.

“The base bike was a Honda CB360 G-model from 1975. I ditched pretty much everything apart from the motor and chassis, it’s safe to say the engine really was its main selling point to me” states Nick. The bike was in a bad way though when he bought it after it being neglected in the back of a shed for 9 years previously.


As a starting point for the build the engine was extensively worked on. The old owner had taken the cylinder head apart and never put it back together. Following this was the frame, which was modified and strengthened. “It was a beautiful centrepiece to build the rest around” States Nick. The subframe was then lengthened and braced to support a new carbon-fibre seat unit. The lines of the bike are helped from the tank, which came from a CB900F, the front mudguard was also fabricated from carbon-fibre by Nick too. 

A set of Mikuni VM carbs helped with fuelling and a bespoke stainless exhaust system and titanium silencer came from former Dutch supersport champion Mile Pajic. One of Nick’s friends completely remade the loom and ensured that it would accommodate the new digital ignition.

When asked what was the most challenging aspect of the build Nick reflects “Finding the time, really. Most jobs require little effort and about as little time, but all of those tiny things to do add up…”

It took a little over three years to complete the bike in total and is near enough there now with just a few little odd jobs left to do, but as with every great build, they’re never completely one-hundred per cent complete.

“I called her the Keiryo Café Racer, after the lightweight category in Japanese sumo wrestling; and yes, she’s light. Very light! And putting her at the side of the road in the distance, it just gives me goose bumps every time.” It may have taken him a little while to finish, but it was definitely worth seeing it through given the end result.

Photos: Jarno van Osch – Shot Up Productions

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

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