Video: Yamaha tease... a quad

I’m upset with Yamaha. Remember a couple of weeks ago when they released a teaser video showing vast wilderness with the tag line ‘Your Adventure Awaits’ alongside a reveal date of September 6?

I, and many others got all excited about the prospect of finally seeing the production T7 after its initial unveiling as a concept model at the Milan Show in 2016.

If you were one of those people then we have bad news for you. It’s not going to be the unveiling of the T7. It’s going to be a quad. That’s right, a quad. Four wheels. Not two. Yamaha have released a second video which shows four headlights and what looks like one of the front wheels from a quad.

Yamaha appear to have removed the original teaser video and have replaced it with the new video, which shows a tiny bit of the quad, if you’re interested, which you can see above.


Here’s how I feel about this betrayal:

So that means we’ve still got the unveiling of the production T7 to look forward to, which is good.

What’s the T7?

The T7 is the name for the prototype adventure bike Yamaha revealed at the Milan Show in 2016.

The bike is powered by the 689cc parallel-twin engine from the MT-07 and Tracer 700 and, in prototype trim at least, looks like a badass Dakar bike for the public.

The prototype Yamaha T7 in action

The bike was spotted undergoing testing on the road in July, looking much less badass than the prototype. The test bike appeared to have a 21 inch front wheel and 18 inch rear wheel, which points to an off-road focus.

Other small details, such as long travel suspension and removable rubber inserts on the footpegs also point to off-road performance.

Despite Yamaha’s attempts to disguise their test bike, the fuel tank looks like a large unit, which points to good-distance covering ability from the T7.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer