Remembering Bruce Brown

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Californian filmmaker Bruce Brown was a renowned director of surf films, most notably for his 1966 epic, Endless Summer, but for bike fans he’ll be better known as the force behind On Any Sunday, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for the Best Documentary in 1972.

Bruce was born on December 1, 1937 in San Francisco, but soon moved to Long Beach California and fell in love with surfing. He started making surf films in the 1950s, but in the early ’70s he turned his camera to two wheels and linked up with Steve McQueen, who part-funded and co-produced On Any Sunday.

The film had Brown’s unique style, using helmet cameras, extreme close ups, and slow motion footage, to create the best motorcycle documentary ever made.

His son, Dana, sparked new inter- est in the original film in 2014 with his Next Chapter sequel.

Bruce Brown died in his sleep on Sunday, December 10, aged 80.

Remembering Bruce Brown with On Any Sunday

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