Video: Inside the revamped Ducati Museum

Published: 08 February 2017

Ducati Museum curator Livio Lodi is known around the factory as the ‘living Ducati archive’ due to his extensive knowledge of the brand, all of which he has encapsulated in the firm’s stunning display of bikes.

Beautifully set out, the Ducati Museum has been a magnet for over 600,000 Ducatisti since it opened its doors in June 1998. However, with the firm recently celebrating its 90th anniversary, the museum has seen some major changes and after being shut for six months last year, has just reopened its doors.


“We needed to reorganize the museum as everyone knows about Ducati’s recent racing history but, especially for the new generation, this is like only seeing the tip of the iceberg,” explains Lodi.

“Under the surface is some incredibly interesting history and we need to show this to the new generation and explain how Ducati became so cool and famous since it began in 1926. The previous museum was far more about racing motorcycles, but we have now added the story of the road bikes, which was previously missing.”

The museum now includes a series of rooms dedicated to the milestone models in the firm’s road bike development, which Livio Lodi guided MCN around.

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