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Personal Contract Purchase now finances 20-30% of all new bikes sold in the UK, and it’s growing fast. But it might not be right for you, so make sure you understand what it is and how it works.

You can have these new bikes for less than you might have ever imagined – and what’s more you can have another new one in three years’ time, probably without increasing your monthly outlay, or having to find a fresh deposit.

This is how it works…
● Work out what you can afford as a deposit and in monthly repayments for the duration of the contract.
● You can get PCP on any amount from £1500 upwards.
● Choose your new motorcycle (or a used one – bikes up to three years old can also qualify).
● Set a repayment term of between two to four years.
● Set your annual mileage at up to 24,000 miles a year. Your mileage will affect your monthly payments.
● Decide which end-of-agreement option is best for you when the time comes – most roll on to another bike.

Be aware that…
● You do not own the bike, and won’t unless you pay the final balloon figure.
● A significant proportion of the credit is deferred until the end of the contract, and it’s not the cheapest route to ownership.
● You must have fully comprehensive insurance.
● Excess mileage charges apply.
● Abuse or neglect will damage your bike’s guaranteed future value.
● The bike is at risk of repossession if you do not maintain repayments.

Honda NC750X, £95 per month

745cc | 229kg | 54bhp | 830mm

Cash price: £6749 
Deposit: £1402.47 
Mileage: 4000pa
Term: 37 months 
Rate: 5.9% APR 
Optional final repayment: £2640.61

Designed with economy and practicality at its very heart, the Honda NC750X is the real king of the super commuters – and on this current deal it’s really hard to resist. Honda are even offering a very solid 5.9% APR on their finance package for this model, meaning that you can own the bike outright for just 36 monthly payments of £155 after a £1536.71 deposit..

Nicely built, low revving and extremely laid back to ride, the NC750X is at home nipping around ring roads and through city streets, returning up to 80mpg as it does so. The dummy fuel tank also doubles as an extremely handy storage area. Plus you can rest assured that Honda’s reliability and quality will get you to work and back day after day. The low revving engine takes a little getting used to but owners tend to be impressed.

Yamaha XMax 400, £126.46 per month

395cc | 215kg | 33bhp | 785mm

Cash price: £5793
Deposit: £99
Mileage: 6000pa
Term: 37 months
Rate: 10.3% APR
Optional final repayment: £2389

With its capacious underseat storage, the XMax has admirable amounts of stowage, meaning there’s plenty of room for your lunch, gym kit, and a spot of after-work shopping. The bodywork and screen provide plenty of protection, while its sprightly 400cc single makes traffic busting a breeze.

Kawasaki J300, £80.85 per month

299cc | 191kg | 27bhp | 775mm

Cash price: £4493
Deposit: £99
Mileage: 4000pa
Term: 36 months
Rate: 5.9% APR
Optional final repayment: £2060

Based on the Kymco Downtown, the J300 is a well-built and nicely spec’d commuter. It benefits from large underseat storage, a lockable glovebox and a 12v power socket as standard. Weighing just 191kg, it’s particularly easy to chuck around, and despite only having 27bhp there’s a great spread of power.

Suzuki Burgman 650, £167.39 per month

638cc | 277kg | 55bhp | 750mm

Cash price: £9136
Deposit: £1000
Mileage: 4000pa
Term: 36 months
Rate: 8.9% APR
Optional final repayment: £3691

With its plush heated seats and grips, the Burgman Executive is a little piece of luxury that’s packed with goodies like an electronically adjustable screen, centre stand, and over 50 litres of storage space. Although it weighs in at a whopping 277kg, the Burgman is very agile.

Honda SH125i, £89 per month

125cc | 134kg | 11.6bhp | 799mm

Cash price: £3199 
Deposit: £303.42 
Mileage: n/a
Term: 36 months 
Rate: 6.9% APR 
Optional final repayment: £89

This deal sees you purchase Honda’s big wheeled 125cc scoot for less than £23 per week, easily cheaper than five days worth of train tickets. Plus, this frugal single can return 130mpg meaning it’s spot on for beating the budget. All it needs is an aftermarket taller screen and it’s ready to take on the city streets.

Honda MSX125, £85 per month

124cc | 101kg | 9.6bhp | 765mm

Cash price: £2969
Deposit: £203
Mileage: n/a
Term: 36 moths
Rate: 6.9%
Optional final repayment: £85

Honda’s modern interpretation of the Monkey bike is a hit with city commuters. Fun, funky and unique, it’s powered by a hardy single-cylinder air-cooled motor that puts out just shy of 10bhp. At just 101kg it’s brilliantly chuckable, and will even lighten the dullest of winter commutes.

Yamaha Tracer 700, £139 per month

689cc | 196kg | 75bhp | 835mm

Cash price: £6436
Deposit: £99
Mileage: 6000pa
Term: 37 months
Rate: 9.6%
Optional final repayment: £2916

A practicality-packed version of Yamaha’s MT-07 parallel twin, and is the perfect choice for riders who want a dependable commuter that’s also capable of doubling as a weekend fun machine. With an extras catalogue that’s full to the brim, you can turn the Tracer 700 into anything you want.

Piaggio Yourban 300, £95 per month

278cc | 230kg | 22.7bhp | 780mm

Cash price: £6134
Deposit: £1320
Mileage: n/a
Term: 36 months
Rate: 10% APR
Optional final repayment: £95

Designed to tempt car drivers onto two (well, three) wheels, the MP3 is Piaggio’s triple wheeled scooter that requires no CBT or bike licence to ride. Yes, it’s pretty pricey and a little heavier than most smaller cc scoots, but the reassuringly secure ride is worth every penny for less experienced pilots.

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