Pub chain bans bikers

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A pub chain which recently barred people from swearing has now also banned motorcyclists.

The daft ruling emerged after a rider parked up at The Royal Oak pub at Ulley before being told that he would not be able to enter the premises because bikers were barred. 

The Royal Oak is owned by Samuel Smiths brewery in North Yorkshire, who subsequently own more than 200 pubs in the North of England. The drinking houses all feature a Victorian theme and don’t have televisions or play music. 


Tony Gresham, who works at The Royal Oak pub said “Mr Smith has decided that he doesn’t want bikers in this village pub. He’s holding fire with his reasoning why but it’s his business. We’re just carrying out what he wants.”

As bikers are not a protected group under the equality act, the pub chain is not technically breaking the law regarding discrimination. They are still however still quite clearly tarring all motorcyclists with the same brush.

MCN was unable to get a comment from the brewery.

It would seem that Mr Smith’s attitude towards bikers is as Victorian as the theme that runs throughout his pubs.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer