Video: Bizarre moment scooter rider throws himself onto car bonnet

We’ve all seen the crazy dashcam videos from Eastern Europe and Russia, that show pedestrians and other road users intentionally hitting or crashing into cars in the hope of claiming compensation or insurance money.

Now a scooter rider in the UK has been filmed doing exactly that, unaware that the car he’d chosen to throw himself onto had a dashcam fitted.

The car river is driving down a quiet residential road, before a scooter rider emerges from the left, pushing his scooter into the middle of the road. The driver slows, before the scooter rider starts furiously pushing the scooter backwards towards the car.


Once the scooter hits the car he drops it and throws himself onto the bonnet before sliding off. The scooter rider’s friend is on standby as a witness, presumably filming the aftermath, but the pair quickly as soon as the driver states she has a dashcam the pair quickly leave.

Will you start using a dashcam after seeing this?

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer