Yamaha and Honda partner for electric scooter project

Honda and Yamaha are teaming-up for a ‘rental and battery exchange service’ in a bid to expand the use of electric motorcycles in Japan. 

The two companies will begin evaluating with Saitama City’s Mayor, Hayato Shimuzu, to discuss how they can help to expand the city’s E-KIZUNA Project, which already promotes residents use of a range of electric mobility options for a safer, more comfortable environment.

With E-KIZUNA, established in 2011, Honda and Yamaha will help tackle issues such as the expansion to other towns/governing bodies and the lack of awareness. More importantly, this partnership also helps the two-wheeler big guns expand their electric motorcycle knowledge and services.


Using Honda and Yamaha’s electric technology, along with Saitama’s pre-existing infrastructure to support the venture (situated at the Saitama-Shintoshin Station) the trio aim to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the transport system, particularly in areas where transport is less accessible. 

Aiming to convert the locals who already use bicycles in the city, just north of Tokyo, to scooters may be one of the project’s biggest obstacles. However, targeting other cities may be the solution. The EV charging station at the Saitama-Shintoshin railway station could be an integral part in the promotion of electric motorcycles instead of the already-used ICE cars, which is more expensive. 

The evaluation testing is due to begin in September this year and will mark the first joint initiative between a local government body and the two motorcycle manufacturers targeted at reduction of CO2 emissions and the spread of electric motorcycles.

Would you use an electric-scooter rental service if it was brought to the UK in the future? 

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