The Philippines' first off-road school

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Despite 93% of the Philippines’ village roads being unpaved the only way to learn how to ride off-road in the country was to get out on dirt roads and ride, but that’s all changed with the country’s first off-road training school.

Mel Aquino’s Yamaha Off-Road Training Camp (MAYOTC) offers several courses that can be tailored to suit the experience of the student, right from complete beginners who have never ridden a bike to more advanced off-road riders.


The school covers several disciplines of off-road riding, too. If you just want to learn how to tackle the Philippines’ unpaved roads safety, there’s the safety riding and trail riding course. If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, the school also offers courses in motocross, circuit racing and flat track.

All bikes at the school are provided by Yamaha, right from the PW50s for the kids to the larger full size bikes for the adults. The school has trained police personnel and foreigners working as missionaries who need to learn how to ride on the Philippine’s rural roads.

How much does a day at MAYOTC cost? That would be 3500 Philippine Peso, or about £53. Not bad for a day of off-road tuition. If you’re in the Philippines and fancy a day of off-road riding at a bargain price you might want to head to MAYOTC.

Who is Mel Aquino?

In 1984, at the age of 9, Mel Aquino got his first taste of motorcycling on the dirt roads around Taytay. That experience was enough to ignite his passion for two wheels and he went on to taking win championships in both motocross and road racing. It’s fair to say he knows what he’s doing.

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