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The Ride to Work Week has been getting people commuting on bikes up and down the country, proving that motorcycles can be more than just a toy for sunny days.

Events have been happening all over the country in support of the campaign too, with manufacturers, local authorities and dealerships being just some of the hubs where people have been taking part in riding to work and even in some cases helping to get non-riders onto bikes too. 


“I’ve been monitoring Ride to Work Week social media full time this week, which has been a 24-hour job to keep on top of it” said Stevie Muir of the Motorcycle Industry Association.

“We have had tremendous support from riders and from within the industry and a lot of fun in getting out some very serious and important messages; that motorcycles and scooters are the answer to urban congestion.  We were pleased to see those messages reaching a wider audience too with good nationwide coverage.”

KTM have been one of the companies running a competition in support of the campaign too and have a competition in which riders can win a pair of tickets to this year’s MotoGP at Silverstone – it’s open until Sunday too so there’s still chance to enter, head to the KTM Facebook page for more info

Ducati are another manufacturer offering a prize for riding to work, with a chance to win a £500 Ducati Performance voucher, which is open until Sunday night too. See the tweet below for details on how to enter.



Win some Triumph gear too with a similar competition from the British manufactuer.



Insurance firm Carole Nash are offering the chance for an aspiring rider the chance to get on two wheels with a competition to win a CBT and spread the joy that we all know as bikers.

Alongside that there have been ride outs and Ride to Work related meetups to give riders and extra incentive to get on their bike. Cambridgeshire Police BikeSafe riders also put together a Ride to Work week ride out on Monday to promote and raise awareness for the campaign too.

Riding to work promotes a happier and more satisfied being according to a one-off report from the Office of National Statistics, while also reducing anxiety. It’s also far cheaper in most instances too – with motorcycles and especially scooters being cheaper to buy, run and insure than public transport or car over a longer period of time.

Then there’s the time element too, with most drivers and commuters on public transport either stuck in traffic or staring at somebody’s sweaty armpit on an overcrowded bus. Riding not only allows you to avoid these annoyances, but to also drastically cut the time spent in these miserable pits of despair. And all that time avoiding awkward gazes with strangers and staring at the bumper of the vehicle in front adds up, drastically. 

In fact, research has shown that on average, riders spend more than 32 hours less stuck in traffic a year than those in cars and on public transport, equating to about 4 working days that you don’t have to be thinking about work. Bed is far more important than stressing out in traffic after all.

Talking of traffic too, a Belgian study has found that if just 10% of driver switched to riding motorcycles in the most clogged up cities then congestion would reduce by a massive 40% thanks to the small size of motorcycles and scooters and the ability to filter through traffic.

This also translates across to more parking too, with the smaller space taken up by a motorcycle, you could fit three good sized bikes into the same space as a car when parking – you could probably get 4 average bikes in really.

If you’re looking for a riding challenge that transcends beyond the Ride to Work week and want to use your motorcycle more then why not become part of the MCN #ride5000miles community?

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer