Shed built: "It was an oh my god what have I done moment”

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After reading an article in MCN about the bolt on kits that are available nowadays, John Jeffrey felt inspired to have a go a customising himself.

“After a few beers on a dark wet and cold February evening I had bid on and won a 1992 750 Daytona off eBay. The next morning was an “oh my god what have I done moment” as I arranged to collect the bike from South Wales.” 


John has been a lifelong biker, starting as was the norm for many, with a Yamaha FS1E in 1975. That being said, he’s never touched any of his machines with a spanner until deciding to take on his conversion of the 750.

“I placed an order for the Kit from CRK and arrived in May 2016. Taking my time, I have just completed the build a year later” he recalled. 

“I was praying it was as easy as the title in the article and I kept it simple with the bike rolling at all times and whilst I would have liked to improve the donor bikes finishes I did not want to bite off more than I could chew.”

The finished article looks great, and John’s pretty chuffed with his handy work too “I’m really pleased with how it has turned out, the CRK instruction manual was brilliant and the odd few words of wisdom from Ian at CRK over the phone were also a great help.” 

“I’m very happy to have got to this stage and whilst not achieving a perfect finish the bike has a patina representing its age and it is all my own work which is a great feeling!”

It’s great to see that customising a motorcycle has become more accessible, it opens the door to a bigger market and also allows builders, like John, to get involved in something they might have otherwise not touched. May it inspire more budding builders to get their hands dirty.

Do you have a shed built bike? We’d love to hear from you – email with some details and images of your creation.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer