'#ride5000miles is a brilliant way to get Britain biking'

MCN’s #ride5000miles campaign has kicked-off with a real bang. Our Facebook group has reached over 1,500 members and counting

Bringing the biking community closer together, here are a few members clocking up their 5, 10, 15, 20k miles a year!

#ride5000miles in full swing

Name: Calum Jones
2016 Honda CB125F
Usual mileage per year: 1400

“I remember sitting bored behind the wheel during driving lessons thinking ‘this can’t be it’. My dad has been riding for years and loves it so I went to a dealer to see what all the fuss was about… and that was that, I bought my Honda and was hooked. A few days later I was reading through MCN when I spotted #ride5000miles and thought it would be a cool challenge. It’s been easier than I thought racking up the miles. The Facebook group is brilliant for getting tips on routes for my days off and the guys on there have encouraged me to go further, instead of just to and from work. I know people who keep their bikes tucked away through winter, but I’ve been riding through all the mucky stuff since January and love it! The challenge has inspired me to get out there every day and be a better rider. Now I’m always out and about, meeting new people and am not stuck behind a wheel. I’m out exploring the country. And if I get my A2 licence soon I’ll be heading to France with my dad and his friends, so I’ll be exploring Europe too! The challenge has been a great incentive to keep doing all of this. I’m definitely going to hit my 5000-mile marker, it’s a really cool thing to do and a brilliant way to keep Britain biking.” 

‘Sign-up for a tour and make new friends for life’

Name: Jason Handy
Bike: 2003 Honda CBR600
Usual mileage per year: 6000

“To hit the 5000- mile marker this year I’ll be going to as many BSB rounds and rallies as I can, and I’ve signed onto a continental tour. In summer I’ll be heading to the Ardennes, the Black Forest and finishing up at the Nürburgring with 25 other people. I have no idea who they are yet, but we’re all part of the tour and love riding. I’ve been on tours before; by the end of them you’ve got a bunch of new friends for life. Brilliant!”


‘It’s inspired me to ride for pleasure again, instead of just commuting’


Name: Philip Weston, President of Iron Butt Association UK
Bike: 2014 Triumph Tiger 800
Usual mileage per year: 30,000

“I’ve ridden 90,000 miles in three years on my Tiger, so I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble with 5000. But I’ve signed up to encourage others to hit their target and show them what they can get from riding more miles a year. For example, last month I left Bristol after work on Friday and was having lunch in Luxembourg on Saturday, home for Sunday. Recently I rode to Istanbul and back in four days, I just had to take the Friday off work because it was a bank holiday weekend. The number of adventures and amazing places you can visit when you up your mileage is just incredible. Everyone should join the challenge, spend more time doing what they love and visiting amazing places.” 


‘It’s brilliant meeting up with other riders’


Name: Sally Weighill 
Bike: 2008 Triumph Street Triple
Usual mileage per year: 2000

“I’m pretty new to riding, my children are growing up, I’ve got time on my hands and wanted to do something for myself. And since passing my test five months ago I’m addicted to riding. I love the sense of freedom and I’ve found the more I ride the more I learn, so I believe riding 5000 miles is a great way of learning as much as possible. Plus, it gives me a chance to meet new, like- minded people – it’s brilliant meeting up with other riders. I’ll be heading to the East Coast, around Yorkshire and anywhere else I can think of really to get those 5000 miles under my belt this year!”  

‘It’s inspired me to ride for pleasure again, instead of just commuting’

Name: Chris Hood 
Bike: 2012 BMW K1600 GT SE
Usual mileage per year: 12000

“I’m an advanced riding tutor and examiner. I’ve learnt that more riding means more experience and sharper skills. And this challenge is a great way to make sure people aren’t getting rusty. It’s only when I saw the challenge in the paper that realised I hadn’t ridden much last year because of work. It has inspired me to ride more this year for pleasure instead of just commuting. So I’ve already booked a riding holiday for me and six mates. I love riding, it’s in my DNA and it’s the best therapy. If you want to make yourself feel good, take up the challenge, get out there and ride. You’ll experience more than you would normally and every time you go out you’ll learn something new.” 

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