Guide: Fun ways to clock #ride5000miles

Published: 02 March 2017

So you lot should already be in-the-know with MCN's fabulous #ride5000miles campaign sponsored by Bennetts. For those who aren't familiar, *coughs* shame on you *coughs*. We forgive you. Here is a link to all the info and how to sign-up

In a bid to create Britain's, if not the world's, biggest adventure on two wheels we here at MCN want to hear how you're going to attempt riding 5-whole-thousand miles this year. How many miles have you done so far? What have you planned next? What are you riding? We want to know everything. Check out MCN's #ride5000miles Facebook group here and tell all and find out fellow rider' stories.

Fun ways to clock 5000 miles

Did you know that 5000 miles can be completed by, circulating the M25 42 times and also by riding from London to Beijing? 

Here are several other ways you can complete your mission, whether you're a commuter, adventurer, new to riding, we want to help. Which of these fun ways to clock your big miles would you choose?


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