Vicious bike gang assault rider in attempt to steal her bike

Footage has emerged of a moped gang brutally attacked a woman rider in an attempt to steal her motorbike in Sutton, South London. 

The video has been circulating the internet showing the group of thugs stopped in their tracks by two passers by who helped the rider.

The rider, reportedly in her 40s, was smacked in the face, causing her visor to fly off her helmet, while she was trying to fight off one of the thugs who managed to get himself on her bike.


The footage also shows, a second thief jump in while two waited in the wings before a man and a woman stepped forward. This caused the thief to drop the machine. 

Unsuccessful in their attemped theft, the gang fleed the scene after being shoved away by the good samaritans and rider. 

Theft in the capital

The attack happened as motorcycle thefts are rapidly getting out of control in the capital. In the last two years, theft has risen by a staggering 600% in London.

It is also hard to police, as officers are not allowed to pursue offenders without special permission due to the risk that offenders or the public may suffer serious injury as the suspects try to avoid capture.

The video has been gaining traction just a couple of weeks after Hollywood star Tom Hardy apprehended a thief that crashed a stolen moped before trying to flee the scene.

R1 theft

Luckily for the rider above, two strangers came to her rescue. 

Earlier this year, a gang of four men were filmed stealing a Yamaha R1 in the middle of the day as shocked members of the public stood and watched.

What would you do in both these situations? Let us know in the comment boxes below. 

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer