Riding pains? Ginger is the cure, apparently

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Expect the unexpected here at MCN, this week ginger, ginger tea to be specific.Why on earth are we harping on about a flowering plant commonly used as a herb?! Well, because it’s meant to improve your riding pains. Oh dear, have we stooped so low? It must be #HumpDay. 

Basically ginger is being championed as the king of pain relief should you encounter any aches and pains on a long ride, after a recent study published in the 2017 Dental Research Journal, who compared the pain relieving properties of the root with ibuprofen.

The study compared ginger, ibuprofen and a placebo in 67 adults, with the results showing ginger was just as effective as ibuprofen without the potential side effects.


A second study also showed that ginger and echinachea (a pink flower, not Sonic the Hedgehog’s red partner Knuckles the echidna, as I thought) could reduce swelling in arthritic knees and improve their overall function.

This an echidna. Don’t drink these, please.

Not one to miss an opportunity, any opportunity, apparently, a PR company pounced on this research to promote the organic ginger tea of one of their clients as a cure for all your riding aches and pains.

So if you suffer from arthritis and have a habit of riding until the pain is so intense you normally need medication, why not just fill a hydration pack with ginger tea, like some sort of herbal Guy Martin? By ‘eck, chief.

Alternative ways to stop the pain

  1. Make your bike comfier. Fit a comfier seat, or a backrest.
  2. Buy a bike that you actually find comfortable.
  3. Stop doing such long distances.
  4. Find the point you become uncomfortable on the bike. Never go anywhere near that point again.
  5. Stay on the sofa.
  6. Some tattooists nowadays use numbing cream. Cover your arse in the stuff.
  7. Take regular breaks to stretch (this one’s actually a serious suggestion).

Have we missed any pain-fighting tips for long rides? Let us know below.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer